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Genuine Chaga

Taiga Food is your Finnish gatherer who is proud to offer this 100% Finnish chaga (PAKURI in Finnish) in our eco-friendly box! The chaga, Nordic nature’s own super food, is especially packed in the most environment-friendly package according our values – naturally.


    Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) is one of nature’s most effective antioxidants and it is usually gathered from northern birches. It is a rather common fungus found in the taiga, the subarctic zone of evergreen coniferous forests.

    The fungus exploits its host birch for all its energy and restores this in its sterile black charcoal-like conk. This energy, the tree’s powers to grow and survive, may be obtained by extracting “chaga tea” from the conk.

    More info about the health effects and extracting


    The chaga’s high content of antioxidants is easily depicted with its high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) -value, which has been measured to be well over 52,000. For comparison, super foods such as Acai berry (c. 18,000) and blueberry (c. 6,000) track far behind. In fact wild chaga has the highest antioxidant capabilities of any known food.

    While simmering chaga in hot water all its water-soluble components are present in the resulting extract. These include for example betulinic acid, many different antioxidants and polysaccarides which are known to have positive health effects.


    Taiga Food’s operation is guided by principles of sustainable consumption. Our products are gathered discreetly from the pure Nordic nature and packed into 100 % biodegradable and recyclable packages.

    Our mission is to contribute to individual’s well-being and healthy life style by delivering the fruits of taiga available for everyone.

    We are fulfilling our mission through our core values; naturalness, Nordicness, transparency and sustainable consumption.


    The nature belongs to everyone. That is why Taiga Food’s chaga is delivered in our environmental-friendly box. This biodegradable box has been manufactured from recycled cardboard, and it contains no adhesives. Help us help the nature by sorting the empty package either with organic waste or with recycled cardboard.

    Our main target in designing the Taiga Food package together with Finnish designer Design Ilmavirta was to achieve as small carbon footprint as possible. As a result came our little box made from recycled materials and without adhesives. Only, because the nature is our priority.


    Extracting chaga tea is so easy! Add c. 6 chaga pieces into two liters of water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, simmer for 15 minutes and enjoy. If you wish to make the tea stronger, simmer for longer. You can reuse the same chaga pieces as long as they dye the water. The beverage can be preserved in a kettle/pan for reuse purpose for up to four days.

    Nice homemade flavours are easily created by simmering e.g. a vanilla pod or pieces of ginger in the kettle/pan together with the chaga tea. And those looking for sweetness, a small drop of natural honey does the trick.


    • 4-6 pcs of chaga
    • 1 fresh lemon
    • a small stick of dried liquorice root
    • 2 ltrs of water

    Peel and cut the liquorice root to couple of chunks. Add the chaga pieces together with the liquorice into two liters of water and bring to a boil. Simmer for 10-15 minutes. Pour the hot beverage into cups and squeeze a bit of lemon juice among.